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Gene “bever” Borne
Air-Tech, Inc
Quicksilver Sport Aircraft

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how much we appreciate your amphibious floats. Your float packages are very complete and we can always rest assured that our customers are getting a great product. The 14’ floats work great on our 2 place wire braced aircraft and the 15’ model is an excellent fit for our Sport 2-S line. Our customers really enjoy the simple systems that actuate the amphibious features. Please continue producing your fine product and never discontinue your great customer service.

Thanks again.


Bryan Quickmire

National Ultralight Inc.

National Ultralight is the world's leading distributor of the Challenger line of aircraft with over 600 airplanes sold.

Three very different float designs are available for the Challenger: composite, aluminum and inflatable. All three come in straight and amphibious configurations. For the past quarter century virtually all Challenger owners have chosen composite amphibious floats made by Puddlejumper Floats of Canada.

Puddlejumper floats were designed from the start to be amphibious. The company has continuously evolved and improved their product. Puddlejumper amphibs are the most aerodynamic and most hydrodynamic as well as the least weight and the least cost. National Ultralight deals with many vendors - Puddlejumper's service and support is second to none. For the past twenty years National Ultralight has also been a dealer and user of Turbulence brand skis and wheel/skis. We are pleased to have the Puddlejumper company take over this line and continue the unmatched performance, quality and service.


Dave Cunningham.JPG

David H. Cunningham 

Lt Col USAF (Ret)

Sly Pig

I'm a retired USAF RF-4C Phantom pilot.  I've had PJ amphibs on my Challenger II long wing for 14 years.  I can honestly tell you that flying a challenger on PJs is the most pure fun with the least effort I've ever had while flying;  not the most excitement but the most pure fun.  The PJ floats have performed perfectly in many different conditions over a long period of time.  The amphibs work equally well on hard surface runways, grass, or water which provides excellent mission flexibility.  There are other Challenger float systems out there but in my opinion they don't come close to PJs performance.


My last job in the USAF included doing operational test and evaluation of new aircraft equipment.  What we were always looking for were new systems that worked good without failure, were easy to maintain and lasted a long time.  My PJs have met all those tough criteria not just over a year or two of testing but over 14 years of real world use.


PJ customer service when required has been perfect.  When you need routine consumable items like wheel bearings and tires PJ will help to be sure you get the right parts.  If you hit something or have a very hard landing PJ will advise you concerning repairs and are a great source of needed parts. 


In my opinion there are no better amphibs for your Challenger than PJs. Have fun; I know you will.


Dennis Carley, President

U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft

Aerolite 103

We have used Puddle Jumper Floats for the past 20 years, and have found them to be the highest quality, best performing float system for Ultralight, Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.


The day we first flew an aircraft with Puddle Jumper Floats, we stopped selling and using any other brand.  The quality construction, ease of installation, and excellent design are what sets Puddle Jumper Floats apart from other brands in the industry.  With installation hardware for every major make and model of light aircraft, you will find them easy to install.


If you want to put your light aircraft on floats, you owe it to yourself to evaluate Puddle Jumpers.  We are sure you will find them to be the highest quality available, just as we did.

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