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Recommended for  

Challenger regular and XL-65

with 12 1/2" physical diameter dimension.

Model: SK6012P  (Nose & Main skis included).





4000 lbs On pedestal.

3000 lbs On a 21” apart supports.


10.1 lbs


With these skis, you will be able to land almost anywhere. Take off from a clean paved runway and land on deep snowed field. It can also make it so easier to take your plane out of the hangar, roll the plane out and you are now ready to take off. You have just landed on your clean paved runway, but taxi way is not clean, it's doesn't matter, you are ready to go up to your hangar !

We have also designed a new axle weldment and reworked the way we attach skis and wheels to it. Our replaceable shaft protrude only as far as is needed for the skis inside and the wheel outside.

The airplane's weight is applied directly in the middle of the shaft, providing a very strong system capable of taking a lot pressure.

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