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Recommended for  

Airplane up to 1150 lbs Gross.

Model: SK6012R (Nose & Main skis included).





4000 lbs On pedestal.

3000 lbs On a 21” apart supports.


13 lbs


We designed an aluminum body for better aerodynamic and reduced weight. The prototype ski passed compression testing up to 4000 lbs right on pedestal.

With 225 lbs. push pressure from the actuator, we have a very acceptable 1000 lbs/in at the 5/8-inch diameter pivot shaft, more than is needed for any icy situations. Ski movement is also assured by a dual stroke positive system: when the ski goes up, the actuator pulls it up and when the ski goes down, the actuator pushes it down. It does not rely on springs to move the ski up or down. When the ski is down, the pivot mechanism is locked on a stopper, which releases pressure from the actuator.

We have also designed a new axle weldment and reworked the way we attach skis and wheels to it. Our replaceable shaft protrude only as far as is needed for skis and wheel 

inside and outside.


The airplane's weight is applied directly in the middle of the shaft, providing a very strong system capable of taking a lot of pressure.

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